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Click on the above links to see the Pretender collages and/or wallpaper.  As of right now, the images are not thumbnailed, but I'm in the process...  They should be thumbnailed as of the next update (whenever that will be).  So far, there is a total of 33 images, but I plan on making more when the movie comes out. yay! (See my home page for more info on the Pretender 2001 movie, including a promo pic.)
  • Passion's Pretender Page -- Passion: Thank you so much for the link!! Everyone, this is a great page with a bunch of cool stuff, pics and sounds.
  • --The Pretender-- -- A great site, very professional looking. Contains the "Shockwave Red Files", pictures, links, episode info, and really cool javascript mouse pointer (too bad it's only on the main site).
  • Lois' Daily Planet -- This one is a nice site for episode synopses, vidcaps, and wavs. I highly recommend it!
  • Jon Gries Official Web Site -- Most recent episode pics. Lots of 'em. *drool*

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